Sunday, December 5, 2010

I love quotes!

    I am in the mood of writing today.. Monday, a busy day for mostly everyone. For me, It is the last day of my rest day. I woke up around 3:30 in the morning. Charlsz and Basti are going to school so I need to prepare food for them and heat water for their bath. I end up cooking fried chicken because Charlsz wanted that. I even created an accessory for Basti's classmate for their monito monita(exchange gifts). Christmas is fast approaching and New year is about to start. I wonder why others need to wait for January to start something new in their lives. Well, what i meant by that is we can change a thing as soon as possible if we want to. Yes, if really want to. I just read a quote from an anonymous writer. and it goes like this... "Stop waiting for things to happen. You must do something you never did to get something you never had." We can't just wait that everything will fall into to its right places without doing anything..
      I need to share this quotes given by my friend Ben.. I need to erase his last name because i haven't ask permission if I can let his name mentioned in my blogs. here are the screenshots
     Did you see Sir Annoy Aust? It is Ben. Because he annoyed me the first time we talked, haha! I wish I can post his pic here with his signature smirk. Annoying but funny most of the time. 

What he wrote on my wall is true. There are no limits when it comes to having what you planned if you really want it. But if we let fears take over, there will be limits. Fear of losing. Fear of frustration. A lot of people hate risks because of those reasons. I can say that I am a risk taker. I don't let anything and definitely no one can stop me. I mean those people who puts me down and doesn't believe in me. I don't strive to prove something to others. I strive to achieve something. 

       When I started reading the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, it really inspired me and awakened my senses. I know that I was a mess but by keeping my act together, have plans, take action and be with the right people will help me a lot along the way of achieving that "something". Work hard and play harder! and I agree what Sherlene said, go negosyo! (go business!) Let us not work for money but make money work for us! Invest and work hard. From the above screenshot, Ben said, its all out there for the taking.. I think what he means is opportunity. We just need is ACTION! As Eminem used to sing "Opportunities come once in a lifetime".. If its there, grab it!

    I am hoping that this will move you. Stand up and do something... IT IS ALL OUT THERE READY FOR THE TAKING!

Next blog will be all about my plan for next year! As promised, it will be handwritten..

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